Tierschutz liegt uns am Herzen. Das zeigt sich nicht nur dadurch, dass wir stolze Halter von zwei Englischen Bulldoggen sind. Tiere können sich nicht selbst vertreten und sind auf Menschen angewiesen, die ihre Rechte auf gesunde und artgerechte Haltung vertreten. In unsere modernen Welt werden die https://reversephonelookuponline.com , die nicht für sich selbst sprechen können, allzu oft vergessen.

Everyone knows that friendly words and provocative posters do not really benefit the animals. We have a higher demand on us. That's why we want to be concrete. We want to help in the most important and direct way. Although you can not buy everything for money, money is the most effective form of support, wherever there is need. Especially in animal welfare, financial resources are always scarce. This knowledge and a look into the eyes of our two loyal dog companions have motivated us to start our business.

The logo was found quickly, the business model was consistently developed and implemented. We renounce the profits of Bullrocks. We let the animals win. And to get others to do the same, we offer great sportswear. So both have something of it: The animals and our customers. And we? There is no greater benefit than following your own passion. We follow the motto: "Speech is not enough, we act."

Meanwhile, we are happy that our idea is so popular. And we are already working on a new project. A shop for children's fashion, which lets all profits flow into projects for children.

Our philosophy is to help - preferably together with many other committed people.


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